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Сорок шестое письмо


Nina..... I am sorry if you thought I meant what I said about not coming to England.. I didn’t and I hope to make it up to you by writing this to you...
I never thought that there could be a more perfect life than being with the one I love. I was wrong. There is an even more perfect life. A life when the one I love is you Nina. You are the love of my life and the life of my love. You are and forever will be part of my life. You are the beating of my heart, the beauty of my soul, the strength of my devotion and warmth of my love. You are my world and my reason for living. You empower my body and soul with your smile and kind words of deep love and devotion towards me. Without you in my life, I am nothing more than a dried up husk of a shell. далее...
Сорок пятое письмо

My darling Nina,I love to hear how much you love me and want to be with me. It gives me such a good feeling inside and when you say things like you did in your letter, I know that you will always love me and never leave me. You are my one desire that I think of constantly and cannot wait to be with you in real life, together as one. You are all I ever want in a woman and so much more. далее...

Сорок четвёртое письмо

My beautiful darling Nina.

How do I feel about you?....

Well..... without you I am nothing, just a dry empty husk... a shell that has no snail.... a home without furniture.... a football without air inside it...... a cheesecake with no cheese in it. Plus so many more things that need other things to be whole and complete. Because that is what you make me.... complete... a whole person with the woman of his dreams as a reality. далее...

Сорок третье письмо
My darling Nina.
You are my life.
You are everything.
Without you I am nothing. This is how you have changed my life. I never knew there was anyone for me because that person never existed in my mind. But here you are. An angel that I love and adore. I know we are great together and always will be. далее...
Сорок второе письмо
What more can I say than “I love you so much”?
I can say that I adore you,
I want to be with you forever.
I want to worship you.
I want to protect you.
I want you to feel safe in my arms.
I want you to know I am always here for you.
I want you to know that I will never hurt you.
Сорок первое письмо
My love, my love, I love you, my love.
You are the earth, the sky, the moon and stars. You shine so bright and lighten up my darkness. You are so beautiful that I cannot believe that I deserve you and all your beauty. Your body is so sexy that I worship you like a goddess and always want to be with you. Each day I love you more and more and my heart aches as it longs to be close to you, feeling your body and soul close to mine. далее...
Сороковое письмо
I love you so much my beautiful lady Nina. You are the goddess of my life that I must worship until the day I die. You are my world and I am your partner, friend, counsellor and lover for life. I want you more and more every day that I see you. I cannot wait to be with you, to hold you in my arms, to caress your soft body and gently kiss your tender succulent lips. You are everything a man could ever want in life and so much more. далее...
Тридцать девятое письмо
You are the most amazing woman on the planet. You always know how to make me feel better and you are the very best that there is and the very best any man could ever have. I adore you so much and want to be with you always and forever. You are so special to me. Beautiful, sexy, loveable, adorable, affectionate, sensual, sweet and kind. далее...
Тридцать восьмое письмо
My most beautiful Ninochka,
Every time you tell me how much you love me and have been thinking of me I feel so.... well I have never felt like this before because no one has ever felt about me the way you do. I don’t know how I can deserve someone as perfect as you. Perfect in every way possible. Beautiful, sexy, lovely, adorable, so trusting and kind and affectionate. You are the best woman in the world and there is no other like you at all.
Тридцать седьмое письмо
My most beautiful and sexy Ninochka,
I love you so much that my heart wants to burst because it is so full of love. You are as beautiful as a sunset on a clear calm evening. As sexy as chocolate dripping onto a nipple. As sweet as glucose syrup. As amazing as the pyramids of Egypt. As caring as a nurse. As soft and gentle as a pile of feathers. As tasty as a cheeseburger and chips .
Тридцать шестое письмо
My darling Nina,
I love you more than I can say. The way you have felt towards me in the past few days just shows how much you do love me with the amount of worry you have had for me. I saw how upset you were that I was sick and this made me feel so loved... I feel like I have never been loved like this before by anyone in my whole life. You are so special to me and I adore you as well as love you. You give me feelings that I have never had for another woman before. далее...
Тридцать пятое письмо
My beautiful Nina,
Thank you for your long lovely letter. I know mine is nowhere near as long and I don’t feel worthy of sending you a letter that isn’t as long as yours.
I am sorry if I look sad – ignore me I can just be a little too sensative sometimes and I thought I would try to make you happy by buying you what you wanted. Maybe I am wrong about your size but we have now spoken about it so I won’t take the pyjamas back to the shop.
Тридцать четвёртое письмо
My beautiful Nina,
I know your heart is in the right place when you come up with these ideas... I am sorry if I have upset you by telling you that our letters won’t sell as a book. The idea of book selling is good but we need proper books to sell that people would want to buy. I love you very much and will always support you and do what’s best for you. I am just trying to look after your interests and not make you feel hurt. далее...
Тридцать третье письмо
My beautiful Nina,
I Feel okay today thanks, how do you feel today? I think that walking hand in hand through London with you and our child is a great idea. I want a child with you so much and I also think it’s a great idea to try both day and night . I dream of us together in many places and either holding hands or with our hands in the top of each others trousers at the back as we walk and visit places. далее...
Тридцать второе письмо
My darling Nina,
I love the words you say to me. I spoke to my auntie today and she said congratulations on becoming engaged to you – then she told my mum – so everyone on the planet will know by the end of the week .
My mum said she didn’t know I was engaged to you – she just thought you were my girlfriend. далее...
Тридцать первое письмо

My darling Nina,

I love you with all my heart. I miss you so much and want to be with you now.
Your letters are so beautiful... nearly as beautiful as you and I cannot wait to be with you.
Our two souls are as one not only when we are online talking to each other but also during the day and night, always thinking of each other.
Тридцатое письмо
My Nina,
I love you with a deep passion. A strong feeling builds up inside me that wants to burst with so much love for you.
I think of you always and I long to be with you, holding you in my arms, kissing you and caressing you.
I love everything about you and you are so beautiful.
Двадцать девятое письмо
My Ninulka krasotulka,
You are my beautiful...no... VERY beautiful and VERY sexy lady that I love so much.
I believe we are soul mates. I know you think we may have been together in a former life. This I do not know but I do think we are one of the same - the ying and yang / black and white / left and right / and all other pairings that exist in this world. далее...
Двадцать восьмое письмо
My darling Nina,
It is another warm, bright sunny day outside and it reminds me of you. You make me feel warm inside, you shine so bright and my life has never been so sunny before until I met you.
I love to read and hear your sweet words of love and devotion for me. You make me feel so special and I am not used to these feelings. Everything seems to be going right for a change and it is just like living a dream. далее...
Двадцать седьмое письмо
My beautiful Ninochka,
I too have waited longer for you – Since I was 7 so it has been 39 years (a bit longer than you hehe). I have always wanted someone with an accent – I don’t know why it just happened. In 2000 my first online girlfriend was Russian and since then Russian women have been an attraction to me in such a way that далее...
Двадцать шестое письмо
I love you so much my Ninochka,
I know you are sad and I want to make you happy. You must think of good thoughts. We met each other and we will soon meet each other in real. I know it is now a month later than we planned and you worry about having child but you must think good thoughts about it. Everything will be fine because you are the best and so am I so only the best can happen with us. далее...
Двадцать пятое письмо
Hi my love,
I miss you so much my beautiful lady.
I have been thinking of you all day and thinking of when we will be living here together as a couple. I have been thinking about this more and more and I have a great feeling about it. далее...
Двадцать четвёртое письмо
My darling Nina,
You always send me such sweet words about our feelings towards each other and our relationship.
You make me feel like I have never felt before. I also know that fate brought us together and which is why we are so right for each other. I agree that once we meet we won't need to write each other letters... далее...
Двадцать третье письмо
My beautiful Nina,
Okay... here it is... my long letter to you. Well I hope it is long.... It is definitely the longest I have written and I hope it has many words that make you happy. I know part of it may make you feel a little sad but I will try to do my best to make it as positive as possible. With that, let me carry on and write the proposed “long” letter that I will now write for you my most beautiful, sexy lady Nina... далее...
Двадцать второе письмо
My Ninochka,
Of all the beautiful women I have known... you are the most beautiful of them all. I love you so deeply and you are good for me. I don’t know how I could or if I would survive without you now. You came into my life and changed the way I think about true love. I didn’t ever think I would find “The One” that would be my soul mate and life partner, but here you are. I know you will never leave me and I will never leave you either. далее...
Двадцать первое письмо
Hello, my love Nina,
My love for you is so strong that it consumes me with passion – a fiery blood lust that makes me want you right now. I long to be with you and be part of your life forever. You are my beautiful angel that I adore. With or without makeup – you are just as beautiful. There is noone that has ever entered my life that has been anything like you. You are far more than the very best. далее...
Двадцатое письмо

Hello, my love Ninochka.

I miss you my love... I have been thinking of you all day. My love knows no bounds and it gets stronger and stronger for you each day that passes by. You are the light of my life, my happiness and my soul mate. далее...
Девятнадцатое письмо
Hi my love,
I miss you so much. I was today dreaming of you and you were here with me in England. We were so happy together and it was just like the real thing. I cannot wait until that day arrives and we really are together. Thank you for your lovely letter. I think yours are so much better than mine. You say I make you feel like a 20 year old again... well you have the body of a 20 year old so maybe you really are a 20 year old? далее...
Восемьнадцатое письмо
Hello, my Nina,
You give me so many different feelings of joy, happiness, love, tenderness, in fact everything good about you. You have made my life so much better than it has ever been and I know things will turn out great for us as a couple. I don’t have as many worries as I used to because I just think of you and I feel so lucky to have you that i don’t have time for negative thoughts any more. далее...
Семьнадцатое письмо
Moia Ninochka
Ti maja zajka
I love you with all my beating heart. We will be together full of love for each other and our child. I cannot say in words what I really feel for you. You are so much more than the best – You are everything a man could ever want in a woman and so much more. далее...
Шестнадцатое письмо
Hello my love,
I thought I would write this letter before I come to see you. You have been on my mind all day and the more I think of you the more I want to be with you. I wish I was with you right now holding you in my arms, kissing you and whispering words of love in your ears. I love you so much that I never knew I could have so much love inside me to give. далее...
Пятнадцатое письмо
My Ninochka,
I love you with a passion that burns deep within me. My heart and soul belong to you my love. I am yours forever and will never leave you. We will be together as one for the rest of our lives. You brighten my days and give me a warm feeling inside. I now know I am truely loved by someone... just for being myself. далее...
Четырнадцатое письмо
My Ninochka,
I miss you, I dream of you, I love you, I want you, I need you, I must have you.
You are stunningly beautiful and as I gaze deep into your eyes I fall deeper and deeper until I reach the centre of your heart. There we become as one and our two bodies join together as the 2 parts of souls now joined далее...
Тринадцатое письмо
Moia Ninochka,
I have been thinking of you all day. My love is getting stronger and I keep thinking of how it will be when we are together. Each day seems to last forever and the time we will meet seems so far away. I know that the longer we are apart the more our love grows. It would be nice if we could be together now so we don’t miss each other so much, but I suppose this is what love is all about... we have to miss each other to make our love stronger.
Двенадцатое письмо
Moia Ninochka,
Last night was a night we should put in the past – it never happened. Too many misunderstandings caused a lot of sadness between us.
I love you so much and always want you to be happy. You have made me the happiest man alive since I met you and my love for you grows stronger each and every day. далее...
Одиннадцатое письмо
Moia Ninochka,
You are the most amazing woman I have ever known. Those 2 letters you wrote me show me how much you love me and how deep and true your feelings are for me. I don’t think that there could ever be any other woman like you. Well not for me anyway. You are the one and only one – If I ever lost you I would die of loneliness. You are so special to me. A goddess that I worship and adore. далее...
Десятое письмо
Moia ochen prekrasnaya Ninochka,
I long to be with you – you make me so happy and I want you to be happy always. I want to give you the best of everything to help make you happy. I love you with all my heart and soul and the sooner we are together as one the better it will be for us both. I am lonely without you and always imagine you are here with me when I feel sad or lonely. You are my everything – everything that is good – everything that makes me feel as loved as I do – everything that is the best – This is you and only you that can make me feel this way. далее...
Девятое письмо
Moia Ninochka,
The day I met you was the first day of the rest of my life that I could finally be happy. You are the most beautiful, sexy, wonderful woman I have ever known and met. I have grown to love you with such deep feelings that I think about you all the time, not just day and night but in my dreams too. далее...
Восьмое письмо
Moia Ninochka,
Ya tebya silno liublyu maja zajka
My life was but an empty bowl until you came and filled it with so much love and happiness.
Седьмое письмо
Moia dorogaya Ninochka,
You are so beautiful. your eyes are beautiful, your nose is beautiful, your mouth is beautiful, your cheeks are beautiful, your whole face is so beautiful that I cannot wait to see it each and every day.
Шестое письмо
My beautiful Ninochka, I am your sun,
I know some day, you will be the one.
I love you my darling, my shining star,
Our love grows stronger, even from afar.
Пятое письмо

Hello, my love.I love you so very very much, I never stop thinking of you and long for the day I can hold you in my arms and gently kiss your soft lips. далее...

Четвёртое письмо

Hello, my love.You are everything to me and I don’t want to live without you.I think of you all the time and you are the only one for me.You are much more thanthe woman I have always dreamed of marrying. далее...

Третье письмо
Ti maja zajka.
You came into my life and you made me the happiest man in the universe.
My heart was empty and you filled it with love.
Второе письмо
Moia ochen prekrasnaya Ninochka,
I think about you all day and night. I long for the day we can be together as one.
My heart is yours, and you'll be there forever.
Первое письмо
Moia ochen prekrasnaya Ninochka ,
I love you with all my heart.
The day I met you was the day my life changed forever. I have now met the woman I have been searching for all my life. далее...