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Двадцать второе письмо
Hello, my love Tonechka. Thanks for your fine letters. I feel the happiest woman on light (though people calling me the girl). Even it seems to me that at me wings lovehave grown. I never felt it. You have presented to me these sensations. I feel that to me again 20 years. My eyes are shine, shine by love to you.
I dream of that bottom, a code we remain with you together. Before I fall asleep every night, I represent, as you take away me in a fine place where all exists only for us . These hours will be the happiest for me. I want to plunge into your embraces, to forget about all and care and feel only you. To enjoy your presence. Your hands such strong and gentle when they touch me, I feel in safety. I want to touch you again and again. To feel unforgettable sensations.
You give me dreams. Looking at you my heart, starts to fight faster, at me grasps breath, and goose pimples run on all body. It is true love. We will be together for ever. This my desire, and I think of it always.
I love you,you hear, I love. The Most all  on light. Without you this world isn't necessary to me, nobody is necessary to me. Only you one live in my heart. You unique, long-awaited. I can't without you. Be always with me. And always remember that I forever only yours that I very much, very strongly love you. I kiss gently. I love you, my man, my big sun. Your zajka.
30 марта 2011 года
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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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