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Тридцать седьмое письмо

Hello, my love. I miss you so much. I want to be with you more and more. I think of you all time. I think, what are you doing in this time? Maybe you think of me? Or you go to shop? Or eat? I want to know always, that you do. And cos I want to be with you always and never leave. I working again today. I make my website. Today again cold in out and I will to be at home. Masha at home too. She have day off today. I love you so much. You are my sun and always to be so. Soon we will be together and we to be very very heppy. I am very sorry that yesterday we did not understand each other and have pain. I was worry the night. When you turn the camera yesterday, I thought you do not come back, and very scared. My heart sank. I do not want to lose you. You are my love and I want to be with you. I hope, will no longer be such a misunderstanding. I love you so much. You are my sun. See you soon. Kiss and hug. Your zajka.

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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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