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Hello, my love.  Again I write you the letter because I love very much to write you letters, love letters. I know that you wait for mine the letter and read them with pleasure. In mine letters I put all my love.... It is completely not difficult to me to write to you every day because I love you.
Our life goes in this joyful world as if the mighty river follows windings of coast, passes through thresholds and dams where fast where slow where deep where small, but whatever she was, she opens a generous hand before everyone huge riches of possibilities to rejoice, be in pleasure and in love, to fill with pleasure and love all our life and her each step. I am very happy that we have found each other that we soon will together and we will give each other pleasure, happiness and certainly love. You are the best, my Tony. When at last we will be together!! I know,  that I hurry time, but I want to be with you now. You are my sun. You are my love.I miss you so much and I love you the most. You know it, my Tonechka. See you soon. I wait you. Kiss and hug. Your zajka.

6 марта 2011 года

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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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