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I adore you, my dear Tony... I very much want to be with you. I want to be in your hands and to days and at night and that can't prevent to I adore yoube to me with you. I am ready to go to you right now even if I should go on foot to you, my love. You worry, because have no many money at now, but to me it is completely not important. I haven't got used to take something. I the life have got used to give all only. I want to give you all my love and care. We with you both it is far not silly and we can have  money, I am confident it on 100 %. That day when we will travel three together, I, you and our kid whom at us it will be obligatory will come. I know, only we should want it very strongly. You very clever and sensual man. Earlier I never saw, that the man cried. I in the life saw only roughness. But now, when I have met you, in my life all has changed. I trust you. To a meeting with you I have ceased to trust people. And you are my sun and a ray of light in this cruel world. I love you very much and I do not want, that our love when or has ended. I am confident, it not to happen never and we will be together till the end of our days. I want to be your wife. I want to be with you always, my love. I adore you , my Tony. Your Nina.

16 марта 2011 года

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