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Hello, my love. I want write you today continuation beautiful fairy tales. I hope, that you did like , that I did write you in last letter. And now write... I really want it, my Tonechka, cos I love so much... Remember what it — this breeze, inhale its aroma, feel its freshness and ease … You  feel  a smell of a May jasmin and coniferous wood clearing up from hibernation … Give we will get rid of the remained clothes, and we will come off the earth at least for an instant that disturbed nothing to us … To me it would be desirable to give you all … everything, everything that I could … Then we fall on a bed laid by lilac silk … Cool sliding silk …  I want to kiss you, that you couldn't move from the desires which have filled your essence and pleasures … I will kiss that softly and gently, hardly concerning with damp lips of your skin, is a bit stronger, leaving small traces for some time, slightly biting, that you has estimated sweet of an easy pain tickling you the language in the most intimate places … At first the face, then a neck, then a breast …. More low, more low … after that again upwards and back down to that time while you won't start to lose the mind and except thought on possession me, you won't have any other desire … At last  I will reach the most secret part of your body … At first I will stroke it … only slightly, almost without concerning … after I will acquaint him with the lips … I will lick from below upwards a little, and then unexpectedly for you I will take it in the small mouth that you have felt all force of my passion …  I will whisper to you as I want you, slightly scratching you, being bent as a cat … And when I will open «paradise gate» for you, the whole world will cease to exist for us … We will begin  in a tuft of madnesses, magics, pleasure and improbable delight mixed with the refined pleasure … The wave behind a wave, we will rise all above to heavens, absolutely ceasing to understand that occurs … as though plays with us the foam … and only then we realize the southern sea, Our ways to each other … let at least for some instants we were how much long we will feel a full unification of hearts and relationship of souls... I love you , my sun and want to be with you so much. Kiss and hug you, my Tony. Your zajka.

14 марта 2011 года

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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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