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Двадцать девятое письмо

Hello,my love. I again write you the letter. I don't know, how about  another to tell about my love. You see my love every day in my eyes, but I will write all the I love yousame to you letters while we won't meet and we will live together. Then I think, we won't need letters, but I know, we will keep our letters which we write each other now. I love you so much.
Now the mutual love between the man and the woman happens very seldom, and  to us has very much good that our love is mutual. Yes, my love?
You have entered into my life unexpectedly and you are the best  of my life. You are necessary to me, you, you. I am very glad and happy that You exist. You - in this world, and  not so is far that me( I mean, no on Moon, hehe). Love not for something, not for any merits, that the person is is simple. You know it, my Tonechka.
I am grateful to destiny for that fine feeling that the destiny has presented to me you.
You give me Happiness. As it is healthy - you  to give me happiness, confidence of tomorrow, meaning of the life, existence. You bear light and heat in mine soul. In mine soul sing birds. Really, such with me never was. You present!!! Kind and fair, sincere and loving. I love you very much. I love you the most. I think our love never to come to an end, because it huge.
I wasn't tired to dream, wait, trust. You are  my lucky star. But stars far, and you are absolutely close.
And soon we will together for ever. If the destiny has helped us to find each other it will help us to be together. I know it. I love you and only you!!! Kiss you , my Tony. Thinking only of you. Your zajka.

6 апреля 2011 года

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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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