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Двадцать шестое письмо

Hello, my love Tonechka. As I am happy that I love you!! I again had dreamed about you. And I have woken up with thought of you, my sun. You teased me yesterday and I understood that it is a joke that you very much love me, but on my eyes all the same there were tears because my heart doesn't understand jokes. Because I love you, I love you all heart and all soul. You have taken a place in my heart and this place the first. You speak every evening to me GOOD NIGHT  and it is that to hear pleasantly. Because earlier nobody told me it. Really!! Nobody!! I love you and I live for you. I want the baby from you!! And you know it. I want it very much very much. I know that I repeat again. But I want to be with you and this most my big wish. And I understand that it is more to me it is necessary than nothing. Only you, my Tony. I love you above all, but not always it is possible to express that that feel, but  I love you all. Please, to be near to me always! I never will betray our love, I will love you eternally! You my good man closest to me, you my pleasure, you my happiness, you my true love! We always will be together!  See you in 22.00. Kisses and cuddle. Your zajka.

3 апреля 2011 года

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