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Двадцать третье письмо
Hello, my love Tonechka . Thank you to all your letters. You said that my letters it is better than your. Why, my love?  When I read your letters, my eyes make is wet. Your letters is very very nice. I wait it every day. And I am very happy, when you write to me. And even more I am happy that I have you and I can see you every day. I love you, my Tony.  It will be soon day when we will be together for ever and it will be the best day in my life. I think of you every minute. I want to be with you. I want to feel you nearby, to feel your breath, your kisses, your caress. I love, I love you, and I love you very much, each section of the body, each atom of the brain and each part of the soul. I adore you. I idolize you.
With your occurrence my life was filled with sense, and I could feel, how much it is necessary – for realizing for me that on this Earth there is you and how much it is important – to live  for you. And as it is divinely fine, delightfully fine, to hear your words of love, to hear your voice when you so are tender and so excitingly you say my name of Ninochka. It sounds so beautifully, with English accent.
You for me as a drink of cold water in desert. There is only you and that is connected with you. You for me all and I want to be only with you. Yesterday  you  told, that all your ex women did  leave you, but I never will do it. I love you more then the most!!!!
I wait for you. I wait for that higher hour when we will meet . And then there will be a merge of two souls, two hearts … And most likely it has already occurred somewhere there... Highly... In the Universe...Your zajka, forever your. Thank you, my love. I very like our website( toniena.com) . You the best, my Tony.
31 марта 2011 года
Если вам понравилась эта статья, расскажите о ней своим друзьям.
Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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