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Двадцать восьмое письмо

Hello, my love. I hope, do you like my a long letters? Well I again write you the letter, I write the letter my the favourite Tony! I like write to you... Also what will be with me at night if I don't write to you?... I love you more, I love you the most; I should repeat it again and again. You love me!!!!! As it is great, I love you and to know that you love me. You write to me every day too and I always wait for your words of love and never I will be tired to read your letters. I read them again and again. You have already told to me so much words of love, how many I didn't hear for all my life earlier.  I am happy so much  that I have you. I never was so is happy... You're my life, my happiness, my hopes. Today I saw in my dream God. He has told to me that we with you should make everything to be together. When we will be together, we will be very happy. And the most important thing he has told that your illness will recede. My love, I can't wait, I want to be with you. I repeat and I repeat to you it every day, and I will repeat, while we will be together. You remember, I asked you to watch a film the Secret, but it wasn't pleasant to you. I don't insist, my love, only I knew this Secret to this film before. I use it all life and my desires come true. I wished  have of such man as you and my wish has come true. I know, when we will be together, we will be cares and to preserve each other. Our love has no borders. I love you!!! I love you most of all that is on this to the earth. You the best, my Tony. And I can't still believe that we have found each other. Many years ago I saw the dream that I am very happy and near to me my love, mine favourite the man. I waited for you all my life. I know, in my dream many years ago there was you!! And at last the destiny has conjoin  us and now we should be very grateful to it. I am confident, we will keep our love and fidelity each other till the end of our days. Because the true love is given to the person only once in life!! I love you and always there will be with you, my Tonechka. Kiss you and hug. Yours zajka.

5 апреля 2011 года

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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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