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Hello, my love Tony. I only come in at home and write you letter. I miss you all time. I love you so much. I love only you. I want to give I love youyou all my love both all my tenderness and care. I again dreamed today of our future child. I know, it at us it will be obligatory. The main thing to trust and hope. I love you very much. When I close eyes, I see you and our love. It seems to me, there is nothing on the earth more and more strongly, than our love. I know, you think as too. I want to go with you to Turkey and to spend there with you fine holiday. I very much want it. In my life there was no the best man, YOU my best man. All my thoughts only about you. I look your photos in my phone and kiss this phone, and I represent that I kiss you. I mentally hug you. In my thoughts we for a long time already together. But I very much wait our real meeting. I want you, I want all you. I want each centimeter you.Now I undertstand, I never have real love. I never feel real love. I feel real love only with you. I want to see you always, all day and all night. Maybe we to be sleep in night, but I sure, we will make love more. I did wait you all my life and now I want to be with you forever. We will walk and work together.We will relax and sleep together.We will all do together. I very want it. Kiss you my love Tony. See you soon. Your zajka.

28 марта 2011 год

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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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