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Шестнадцатое письмо
Hello, my love. I only come in at home and write my letter for you. Maybe I will to repeat again, but the word of love they only one and lovecan't be other words, more significant, than these words. More only my feelings. But you so are far also I can write only words, but in these words all my big love to you. I think of you all time, my Tony.
I trusted, I lived in hope, waited the true love. Love without falseness. And here in my life there was YOU!.
I didn't meet before the person with whom hours fly as minute which I wouldn't like to leave. Everywhere only you. In thoughts, in sights, in songs... I enjoy each minute led with you. I see you only in my computer now, but very soon we will meet and we will embrace each other, my favourite. You - my  love, we have found each other when I already and didn't hope to meet true love!!! My love to you never die .
My love to you gets stronger and life gets stronger … Without you life loses meaning.
You are my happiness,my love, my life, you the most remarkable person in this world! Let it know all! We will together, we strong, our love will endure all!!!
Now I know that you present though didn't know to a meeting with you that are in the world SUCH  men, as you. Where you were that you wouldn't do, let my love stores you always. I will make you happy,  we will be in embraces each other all our life. I love you infinitely!!!
My heart didn't know so strong, bright and improbable LOVE before met  you, my love. I thank you that has presented to me wings of love, happiness! I love you so much, Tony. Kiss you. Your Nina.

23 марта 2011 года

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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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