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Hello, my love. I miss you desperately, my Tonechka. I love you so much and you know it, because I talk you it every day and will tell again and again. I love   you with all my heart. I adore you with all my heart too. I want to be with you now, always , forever. I like song very much: Together forever and this song about us. I want the gentle touch of your hands, have your warm hugs, your loving and sensual kisses. I want feel of your warm skin, the thrill of holding your hand. I am amazed at what you do to my heart. I want to sleep with you in one bed. I want feel your love, my Tony. Now I can say, that I rich. Rich, because I have you. Person need in money of course, but if person don't have love, this poor person. I love you and I rich. And money..... We will have it. I know. I don't care now. I worry only of you. You always talk Don't worry, be happy, but now I can don't worry, if you so far!!!!!!!!!! When we to be together, of course, I will happy, but only no now. I love you the most, my Anthony Fisher and I want to be Nina Fisher( hehe). Kiss and hug you. Your zajka.

10 марта 2011 года

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  1. Шестое письмо
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