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Hello, my love. At last I write you the letter, my Tony. Sorry, that yesterday I haven't had time to write to you. Behind a window such bad weather, it is lovedark and wet. It was as though good, if you were near to me now. You gently would embrace me and would be very warm and cozy together to us. I know that we are divided by thousand kilometers but when I write to you, feel that I whisper words of love to you on an ear... Also I know that you hear me...
I so want you to see in real!  But it will be how much fast - nobody knows... I hope that in August. Important only that we had enough patience to wait that moment when heart will jump out of a breast, lips will repeat a favourite name, a brain as hours will be made by return readout, as at spaceship launch. The ship which will lift us on a white, soft, fluffy cloud of happiness where we will stir, having lowered feet downwards...
Last night I long couldn't fall asleep. I so would like that you could hug me, tell that missed, to meet with you a dawn... I have closed eyes, and for an instant it seemed that you nearby that I embrace you, kiss you... But I understand that you far now and would be desirable to cry. But I won't cry, I promise, my love. I love you so much and love only you, you know it. Kiss and hug you. Your zajka.
5 марта 2011 года
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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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