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Тридцать четвёртое письмо
Hello, my love. I miss you so much. In my soul does something inconceivable from the moment I fell in love with you! Ever since then lost my heart is calm, but, interestingly, find it again in any did not want to! All I'll say , because now I need to say it, but because I can not keep silent! My every cell screaming about how it loves you madly! I want speak about it always, in the morning when we wake up together. In day, when we again together and in the evening when the rush of my love will not let you sleep! And you will not let sleep me too! I know! But I'm not out of malice, and all because I am madly in love you!
Tony, you became my need, need, need, and all that! I can say it 1,000 times!!! Without you I do not want to be ! How can I to be without you  if I can not say how I love you so much!!  I want to be with you always, summer, winter, autumn and spring, so too especially ! You're so soft, I know that you are mild and I like that. Your puzo is so soft and I want to cuddle up to it.
Sun my,my Tonechka, you likely already know, but I still say that you're the brightest man in my life! My sun! I  I do not want to even breathe without you! I need you like air! I love you and will love always. Your zajka.
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