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Тридцать шестое письмо

Hello, my love. How are you today? I love you, my sun. Forgive me for a long time did not write you letters. I love writing to you, and I especially love reading your letters. You're so far away, but for me there is no closer to men than you. I know that very soon we'll be together, but now I'm ready to wait for this moment. I love you so much, my Tony.

After all, we need to wait 4 more months. Have you noticed that we were going to Turkey, then we also say that the wait to 4 months. But now I am confident that this will last, and we will be together. It is a pity that the summer we will have to spend in the distance from each other. There are so warm and we could have a lot of walking hand in hand, and in the fall will be the rainy season, but we'll still walk, right? After all, we did not stop the rain? Without you, me in this world is empty. Yes, my love is empty. I want to be with you. I think about you all the time, do not forget a single moment. Once again, I saw you together in my dream. It was wonderful! We are always in my dreams together. I know that we love each other always. After all, we sought each other so long time. As no one can separate! I need you by my side always, my Tony. Our lives will be filled with happiness and joy. I do not need nobody else, only you! I love you and always will. Kiss and hug. Your zajka.

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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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