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Тридцатое письмо

Hello, my love. Tonechka, I love you so much and more then the most. I thinking now only of good things, because I have you and we in love. You told yesterday, that I did wait you 4 hours, but this no so. I wait you about 30 years. I has recalled today my school days. When I have gone to 5 class, I was 11 years old. To me have suggested to select, what language I will study English or French.  I already then knew that when  I to meet the Englishman and to fall in love. I have selected English. It is truth, my love. As in 2 years old  I knew that I will live in Vologda. And so,  I waited you for 30 years!!! And we had met. We have found each other though we live so far . It may by miracle, but only not for me. Because I always knew what to meet you. Tony, I never leave , I want to be with you always. You know it. But I every days talk and talk it. And I thinking, I talk it so little. I can't put into words all my love. I can show you all my feelings to you only when we will meet and we will be together. I want to experience your gentle tangencies to my body, gently gently. I know, you will caress me, and I can't wait, but I will wait, you know. You are my unique man. I love you, my Tony and so will always.  Kiss and hug. Your happy zajka( not sad today).

9 апреля 2011 года

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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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