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Hello  my love. My God, as I am grateful to you because I have the best  man on the earth. Тоny, you have allowed me to feel the real woman because I never heard such fine words,only you speak to me it (beautiful, the best, expensive, baby, you my zajka). I always dreamed to hear these words  and here at last my dream has come true. I know that you speak to me it, and your eyes speak too most. I love you, Tony. Oh, how pleasant to hear such gentle, tender words!  I feel more confident, more cozy, more comfortably, even is stronger. I want to smile, spread wings, whence there are forces and energy, and it seems that can curtail mountains! I now have only one dream: I want to be with you!!! I know, you never will offend me, I waited for you all life.  I had no true love before you. I am now very happy, because I have you, and I am very unhappy, because I can't be with you in this moment. My favourite Tonechka, we should be now very strong and we should make everything to be together. I want to be with you every minute, every second, and each fraction of a second. People say that each person on this earth has a significant other, and if unfortunate people who never will meet the significant others!!! And we live in the different countries and we have found each other, and this miracle!!! I love you, my sun and I will always love you. Yours zajka.

20 марта 2011 года

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