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I would like the whole world to tell, what you at me remarkable, me would be desirable everyone to tell as I am happy that I have you . happyWhy you say, what you have  negative sides? I don't see anything negative in you because you are the best for me and anybody isn't necessary to me another. I never was so is happy... Nothing can tear off me from you; you're my life, my happiness, my hopes. I don't represent the life with anybody, except you. Where you were so long? Why in my life you so long weren't? I very long searched, without knowing that I search. It seemed, I had all for normal existence, but I all the same waited for something from destiny that it will throw to me a happiness particle. I wandered on life blindly, it seems to me, to you I saw nothing, didn't hear, didn't feel. I have found YOU!!! Now I have you, the most my dear person. Check to me that I love you, I love your eyes, your hands, I love all you!!! In the morning, waking up and in the evening, falling asleep, every minute I repeat about myself your name, I want to be with you every day and every night. As to me your letters are expensive!! I re-read your letters again and again. You write to me many gentle words every day. These are love and tenderness words, and desire to be together. I want it very much. Your letters calm and forces give to me. I as see your love to me in your eyes. You always look at me very gently, with love. You are my man –my happiness, hope and sense of my life which man I love which I am afraid to lose and which has open  my tenderness and passion. I send you all my love and kisses, kisses real love. Tony, I love you so much and this not only words, this all my feeling. Your Nina.

25 марта 2011 года

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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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