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Hello, my love. I miss you and  worry for you so much. I hope, you are ok today. Maybe my letter make you little better. It today little naughty . loveI hope, you will like it, my Tonechka.... I dreamed today as we will be together, my love. I keep mind how I lean against you, I feel your heat, I feel your breath in steam of centimeters from the neck. It is similar to delusion or the illusion mixed with elements of madness, but as is frequent we because of the excessively real outlooks on life meaningly we ruin in ourselves something fine … I want to think of the future, I have forgotten the past, and I live in the present, therefore and I address to you with a small fairy tale …
Imagine that we have appeared with you in a room where the twilight reigns. A penumbra and a semitone are capable to wake imagination and to give vent to imagination. The outlines are weaker, the more strongly they excite blood. In your hand a high crystal glass of the cooled champagne … Crystal, reflecting even weak light, gradually fills with it champagne. I would like to see during this moment that amazing shine in your eyes which emerges from depths of your soul, disturbed by a desire wave. I spend a hand on your neck … Gradually going down to a shirt, slowly, slowly I unbutton one button for another, then softly I plow up it and I to touch a soft skin on your breast. I nestle on it all being that excitation like electric current action has penetrated all sections of my body. I want to kiss you on the mouth — gently … gently … I want, that so was always and ahead still so many pleasures which it is not necessary to refuse … Embrace me, let your hands slide on my body, let will find that place in which something resistant to control … I want, that our hands were weaved and became similar to two ears in the field, clung to each other under the influence of a playful spring breeze....I love you, my sun. You are the best for me, my Tony Fisher.Kiss and hug. See you soon. Your zajka.
13 марта 2011 года
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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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