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Hello, my love. I again write you a long letter. I hope, you don't tired read it. And again you in my dreams. And we with you together. And to us very good together. I hug  you strongly-strongly. I consider that sincere embraces should be strong... As well as my feelings... Those pure feelings which I test to you. As to me it is pleasant that you with me in my dreams! In them we don't leave. Also we do not gather! Because we lead the most fantastic and unforgettable minutes together. Tony, I want to give you all not dissipated love which has been collected in my heart. I yours.  And you with me.... I mentally I always with you. I will always support you a difficult minute.  You hear? I with you. Know it. For now we together only in my dreams and in the Internet when I can see you, a chat with you. But, I all the same dream about you .You know, what my dreams? They the most fantastic and light! And all thanks to you. I feel you. Amazingly: even when you are far from me, I feel that you so are close; I feel your breath; a tangency of your lips; I hear your voice. I so love you, my sun! Very soon we will together. Only you and me.
I want to make you happy. I know, you will make me very happy too. After all the love is a keen desire of happiness to the loved one. And you so are close to me! I know you not so long ago, but even for the short period of our acquaintance you became for me the beloved. I as if  know you very much for a long time. No,  even earlier. And still before... Probably we were familiar in past life.
Together by the unsinkable ship of  love we will float on waves of ocean of unsolved passions, we will open doors in the world of unfulfilled desires. Know that on light there lives the person, for which your name - not an empty phrase and which loves you very very much. I love you, my Tonechka. You the best for me. Kiss you and hug. Your zajka.
2 марта 2011 год
Если вам понравилась эта статья, расскажите о ней своим друзьям.
Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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