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Двадцать третье письмо
My beautiful Nina,
Okay... here it is... my long letter to you. Well I hope it is long.... It is definitely the longest I have written and I hope it has many words that make you happy. I know part of it may make you feel a little sad but I will try to do my best to make it as positive as possible. With that, let me carry on and write the proposed “long” letter that I will now write for you my most beautiful, sexy lady Nina...
I am so sad that your heart didn’t understand my jokes and it was hurt. I will never joke like this again because I never want to hurt you or make you feel sad. Especially about something I have said. I love you so much and I cannot wait for us to be together.
I have wanted a child since I was 16 years old and you want a child with me. This fills my heart with so much joy because not only will you make me happy, but also my mum will be happy too. She has always wanted to be a grandmother but thanks to my sister and her husband never wanting kids – I was her last hope. She knows that I have always wanted a child and that’s why she always secretly hoped I would meet a nice girl, settle down and have children. Well here you are at last – my girl that I want to settle down with.
I know I make you happy too with the same wishes as you and that’s why we are so good together. I think we really must be soul mates because we love the same sorts of things (well except maybe food things heh). We are so loving towards each other and miss each other so much when we are not arround. I know that our lives will change forever when we meet and the process known as true happiness and life will begin for us both.
I think of you all the time and dream of you sometimes too (despite me not being much of a dreamer). I want you to know that I am totally devoted to you in every way and will always do my best to please you, keep you happy and always love, honour and cherish you forever. You mean everything to me and I would never want to lose you now that I have found you. You are the biggest gem in all of the universe, more precious to me than any possession or materialistic thing.
I love you with a deep fondness for you. I want to stroke you and caress you. I want to make you feel so special as if you were the only woman on the planet and you are mine. I will always be protective of you and look after you always. I will be your shoulder to cry on in times of sadness, your rock to hold on to when you need a rock. I will be strong for the both of us whenever you need me to be. I will be anything your heart desires Nina, because I am your man.
I too feel like we have known each other for years. I will admit that I think it was love at first sight for me. You are so different and unique to me that I have fallen for all of your charms. I don’t just love you... I love you for being you and all your unique abilities and traits that other women don’t possess. I love the fact that you don’t smoke, you don’t swear (which is very rare in these times), you don’t drink, in fact many other small things about you I find so endearing that if I can’t be with you then I would rather die because you are everything to me.
I don’t just love your body either... I now know that was a bad joke and I am very sorry that I ever said it. It is true that I think you do have a perfect body – to match your perfect personality and perfect..... well.... everything. There isn’t a single thing I would change about you – you have it all. You are everything I want and need, and so much more besides.
You are my angel that fell from heaven and I caught you in my arms and promised God to look after you until it is time for you to return.... where we shall live on after life together in harmony.
I know you have internal problems and you wish so much to conceive a baby with me. I want you to know that I will do what I can to help and if things don’t go as planned we always have other options open to us. I know our own baby made by us would be so great but if it is impossible then we can try other things – so never give up hope and we wil wait and see what happens in Turkey. We have met each other so we know what we thought was impossible is achievable because we finally met.
I hope I will never do anything to annoy you, make you angry or sad and if I ever do then you would tell me and I would make it up to you. I want to be the very best for you in every way possible. You are my life and you feed my soul with your life force that runs through my veins pumping the love blood deep into my heart which surges out from within making me love you more and more each day. I love you so much my darling Nina that I sometimes feel like my stomach will burst with all the churning that goes on inside it sometimes. I sigh many times because my heart needs more oxygen to cope with the amount of love surging through my body for you.
I love you Nina.
Your Tony.
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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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