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Двадцатое письмо

Hello, my love Ninochka.

I miss you my love... I have been thinking of you all day. My love knows no bounds and it gets stronger and stronger for you each day that passes by. You are the light of my life, my happiness and my soul mate. You are so special and you are always so pleased to see me that it makes me feel so good inside to know that someone loves and cares for me as much as I do for them. You are that little something extra in my life that makes me feel complete. You were the missing jigsaw piece that has now been put in place and made me whole. I now know that you will never leave me and I am not only grateful to you but also so happy to know that someone could care so much for me. I will do everything I can to always make you happy and give you the best life that I could possibly give you. Our child will be special too – both of us as parents would make our child the next generation super child of the future heh. With our combined love, brains, looks, ambitions... nothing could be better for our future child.
I hope you have had a good day and not worked too hard. I worry about you when you are alone somewhere doing something in bad weather.
I love you so much my darling. You are my zajka and my life.
Your Tonechka xxx
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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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