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Сорок четвёртое письмо

My beautiful darling Nina.

How do I feel about you?....

Well..... without you I am nothing, just a dry empty husk... a shell that has no snail.... a home without furniture.... a football without air inside it...... a cheesecake with no cheese in it. Plus so many more things that need other things to be whole and complete. Because that is what you make me.... complete... a whole person with the woman of his dreams as a reality. This is you and I could not live without you. There is no other woman like you on this planet. You are so kind, beautiful, sweet, gorgeous, generous, sensual, caring, adorable, and so many many other things that I could write a whole dictionary full of words that represent what you are to me.

I wish I was with you right now, holding you in my arms. Kissing you and being the man you have always dreamed of and so much more. This is what I want to be for you and I hope that you think I am the very best of everything you have always wanted in a man. Someone you feel you can comfortably live with for the rest of your life. Someone that would always look after you and care for you. Worship you and adore you. I want to be that man.

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