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Сорок первое письмо
My love, my love, I love you, my love.
You are the earth, the sky, the moon and stars. You shine so bright and lighten up my darkness. You are so beautiful that I cannot believe that I deserve you and all your beauty. Your body is so sexy that I worship you like a goddess and always want to be with you. Each day I love you more and more and my heart aches as it longs to be close to you, feeling your body and soul close to mine. I look at you now and wish so much I was there with you or that you are here with me.
To have you in my life just feels like a dream and a dream from which I can never wake up from. For my life to feel like a dream can only be good as this shows how much I really want to be with you and be loyal and respect you forever. I am a clockwork toy and you are the key that keeps me wound up so I can keep on living.... for without my key I am just a dead toy that would never work.
I have waited all my life to meet the woman of my dreams, my other half (better half) and my soul mate – you are all of these things and so much more. you are the life force that runs through my veins, keeping my heart pumping out so much love for you.
Nina...... I am yours forever and ever.
Your Tony.
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