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Ti maja zajka.
You came into my life and you made me the happiest man in the universe.
My heart was empty and you filled it with love.
My soul was lonely and you became it’s mate (soulmate).
I have been searching for the right lady to share my life with all my life and now I have finally found you after all these years.
I cannot imagine life without you now you are part of mine.
Happy is not a strong enough word to describe how you make me feel.
Imagine the most wonderful thing you could ever imagine then multiply that by 1000 and call her Nina – this is what you are to me.
You are much more than the best and I now have a very special gem as my life partner until I die.
I could not pick anyone better, because there is no one better than you my Ninochka.
To have a baby with you would make my life complete and we will all be happy forever more my love.
Your ever faithful, loyal, protective, supportive Tony.
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