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Тридцать пятое письмо
My beautiful Nina,
Thank you for your long lovely letter. I know mine is nowhere near as long and I don’t feel worthy of sending you a letter that isn’t as long as yours.
I am sorry if I look sad – ignore me I can just be a little too sensative sometimes and I thought I would try to make you happy by buying you what you wanted. Maybe I am wrong about your size but we have now spoken about it so I won’t take the pyjamas back to the shop.
I love you very much and I want the best for you. Sometimes I make mistakes and I may not give you the best. I am sorry for this and will try to do better next time.
I want to prove my love to you and I will do this in whatever way I can and try my very best. I just want you to be the happiest woman on the planet and to know that I love you and care for you so much my darling Nina.
I adore you my angel.
I love you so much and after reading your letter I feel even closer to you than before. Yes it is possible even though I don’t think either of us really could feel any closer to each other than we already do.
You are my angel and you are my life. I love you with a passion and I want you for my wife.
I really do adore you my most beautiful lady and I want to be in your life forever.
Our child will be both beautiful and smart – we can both contribute to that and he/she will be the best child (well we are the best parents ).
I love you the most and need you now.
Your Tony.
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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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