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Тридцать шестое письмо
My darling Nina,
I love you more than I can say. The way you have felt towards me in the past few days just shows how much you do love me with the amount of worry you have had for me. I saw how upset you were that I was sick and this made me feel so loved... I feel like I have never been loved like this before by anyone in my whole life. You are so special to me and I adore you as well as love you. You give me feelings that I have never had for another woman before. The way you have feelings for me is alien to me. Something I have never experienced before and so this gives me hope and feelings I have never had before and don’t think I ever could again... You are the only one that I truely believe is my one and only soul mate. You are my moon the lights up my darkness... you are the stars that shine so bright in my life.... your eyes are wells that I can fall into and fall straight into your heart. You are an amazing woman and I love you so much.
You are one of a kind... my woman and when you tell me that you are all mine I don’t know what to say... no woman has ever said that to me before and it did take me by surprise when you said it. I feel like we are already married and when you told me you had bought me those tablets to lower my blood sugar levels I then knew that you are my wife already, even if we aren’t married or together in real yet. I know you always have my best interests at heart and I also know you will always look after me. I will do what you say because I put all my trust in you and I know that we are always in harmony with each other and look out for each other too. You mean the world to me and I owe you a lot... even if you may think I don’t – I still do.
You showed me a new way of life when I met you and you not only changed me for the better but also made me a much better person. I haven’t been in a cam site for months and I am so grateful for making me your own and no one else’s. I feel so good knowing that I have you and this is something I have been thinking a lot about lately. I cannot express how happy I am to have you in my life my darling beautiful Ninochka.
You are my one special lady and you are mine forever... and I am yours forever more too.
I know I haven’t sent you any letters while I was ill but i hope that this one makes up for all of that. You deserve nothing but the best and that’s exactly what I want to give you and want you to have... THE BEST you are the best too so it means I have the best as well... YOU. I know that we are so right for each other and I also know that fate had a hand in bringing our two souls together to become as one. You are so precious to me and I never want you to leave me or lose you. You could never be replaced because you are the one... my one... the only one and there is no other like you. You are the best of everything and I know you don’t believe me when I tell you that you are beautiful and sexy but this is the truth. You are and always will be.
I love you so much my beautiful Nina.
Your Tony.
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Дорогие друзья. Давайте общаться!! Я всегда рада новому общению.

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