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Moia Ninochka,
Ya tebya silno liublyu maja zajka
My life was but an empty bowl until you came and filled it with so much love and happiness.
Without you I am nothing more than a husk, a shell of an empty man with nothing but misery and despair.
Your bring me joy and meaning to life and you are so wonderful.
There is no other woman on the planet I would rather be with than my Ninochka.... my one true love that I worship and adore with all my heart and soul.
I will be yours forever and only yours.
You are so beautiful and sexy that I feel like I am dreaming this and it is not reality as you are so perfect that it cannot be real or true.
But I am so grateful that you are real and also mine and mine alone.
I am proud to be your husband and will always love and respect you until the day I die.
Your ever loving Tonechka
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